Turtles Available for Adoption
    If you are interested in adopting turtles listed below, contact the owner directly. Give the owner your name, the city where you live, and confirm that you can pick up the turtles. Do not expect the owner to arrange shipment or to deliver them. Also provide any additional information you think will be helpful. Expect the owner to ask you a few questions.
Turtles available in need of new homes.
No. 581 Listed 1/13/20. One red-eared slider two years old. Located in northeast Philadelphia, PA. Contact Ann at 267-206-9816 or chips225115@gmail.com. Includes a 10 gallon tank setup.
No. 584  Listed 6/19/20. One nine year old female red-eared slider. Located in Garner, NC. Contact Wendi at wstaplet@icloud.com or 704-491-9518. Comes with a 20 gallon tank setup.
No. 585 Listed 7/13/20. One two year old red-eared slider. Located in Fort Worth, TX. Contact Stephanie at sbertrand1309@yahoo.com or 972-679-2379. Includes a 50 gallon tank and all accessories.
No. 586 Listed 8/26/20. One eight year old red-eared slider. Located in Scranton, PA. Contact Maria at tub48178@temple.edu. Includes a 40 gallon tank, light, filter and food.
No. 587 & 588 Listed 9/14/20. One male and one female adult painted turtles. Located in Chesterfield, MI. Contact Denise at dwolan@sbcglobal.net or 586-615-6926. Includes one 30 gallon tank and one 50 gallon tank and all accessories.
No. 589 & 590 Listed 9/14/20. Two female red-eared sliders about two years old. Located in Queens, NY. Contact Aimee at aimsmontanez2gmail.com or 347-444-6001.
No. 59++++ Listed 9/14/20. Many red-eared slider babies. Located near Fogelsville, PA. Contact Tom at turtletails5@gmail.com or 610-530-0570. Babies hatched in 2019 and 2020.

    If you are asked for payment, let us know and we will remove the listing. We are not opposed to people selling their turtles, but not here. This is a free service to place pet turtles in new homes.

Putting Your Turtle Up for Adoption

    If you have turtles, tortoises, or terrapins you wish to put up for adoption, send us an email and we will list them on this page. Interested parties will contact you directly. You then email us when the adoptions have taken place so we can remove your listing to stop you from getting additional inquiries.

    Experience shows us that few people let us know when their turtles have been adopted. Therefore, we will remove listings after a suitable time. If your turtles are still available and they are removed from the listing, let us know and we will place them back on the list.

    We will need the following information: your city, state, and country, your email address and/or telephone number, the turtles available for adoption, and your first name. All requests must be in English.

    When contacted by an interested party, you have every right to ask the potential new owner anything you wish. You are under no obligation to turn your turtles over to someone you are not comfortable with. You will probably have other interested parties you are speaking with so simply state that you will get back to them. But please know that no one likes being questioned so be diplomatic and friendly. And if you do say you will get back to someone, please do so.

    We think that finding a good home for your pet turtles is more important than making a few dollars so we do not want you to list turtles for which you want payment. That's right! We will help you give away your turtles.

Email us at  Turtle Adoptions.

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